The AMEE conference 2015 in Glasgow was attended by several WATCHME participants. At the preconference Harm Peters organized a workshop with Olle ten Cate, Asja Maaz, Ylva Holzhausen, Nienke Wisman-Zwarter, Reinier Hoff and Carrie Chen. This workshop focussed on designing and implementing Entrustable Professional Activities for translating competency-based education into practice. The workshop went very well, participants had many question concerning the implementation and assessment of EPAs and contact details were exchanged afterwards.
Harm Peters, Asja Maaz, Ylva Holzhausen; Charité – Medical University of Berlin, Germany, Carrie Chen; University of California, San Francisco, USA
Nienke Wisman-Zwarter, Olle ten Cate, Reinier Hoff, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

Lisanne Welink; University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands and Ylva Holzhausen; Charité – Medical University of Berlin, Germany, had presentations about Introducing EPAs in undergraduate medical education.  They were both presenting results which are also part of the WATCHME project. The session was well attended and contact details were exchanged after the session.

Olle ten Cate, Marieke van der Schaaf and Suzanne Schut held the symposium The potential of big data and learning analytics to serve feedback, assessment and entrustment decision- making for training in the workplace.

You can watch the video in AMEE’s archive

Another presentation on behalf of the project was entitled  Entrustable professional activities in competency-based veterinary education by C.C.M.A. Duijn, G.J. Bok, W.D.J. Kremer, Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht, Netherlands Th.J. Ten Cate, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands M. Mandoki, Szent Istvan Egyetem, Budapest, Hungary

Denise Janssen and Martijn Holthuijsen were present at the conference with an EPASS and WATCHME stand in which the many interested visitors received more information.

On the conference several colleagues in the WATCHME project held presentations which are now published in the
Olle ten Cate was very active on the conference. His plenary
Entrustable professional activities: Aligning competency-based medical education with everyday clinical practice can be viewed at this link

He was involved at the WATCHME symposium and the plenary mentioned above as well as on six presentations and two workshops. Her presence was noticed, read this interview in the  GEMS & REFLECTIONS

For an overview of presentations check the final book of abstracts