Öredev is a conference for IT and software professionals held annually in Malmø, Sweden, 8-11 November 2016 . The conference was founded by Jayway and now operates as an independent organisation.

In 2016, the theme of the conference was: Computer Power.

The interaction between society and technology has generated revolutionary inventions! Our early ancestors created rock painting tools to send messages that last 10000 years, and with today’s technology we can send 140 character tweets and snappy chats that disappear within hours. Even if most of us are developing banking systems, shopping carts, the next Facebook or Uber, we developers play a role in changing the world, digitizing it bit by bit. The software we write affects not just personal lives, but also economic and political institutions worldwide, in both industrialized and developing countries. In the hands of reformers and activists, even a single individual can create the tools that turns it all around, and overcome the powers of society. They can give voice to passive resistance and non-violence. They – we – have the power. The power to give the power to the people. (from Öredev website)

For the duration of the conference, Jayway had a booth in the main area of the conference hall, where Jayway projects and technology were showcased. A presentation about the WATCHME project was shown on a screen in the booth and Jayway staff spoke to visitors about the experiences and learnings from the WATCHME project.