On February 7 2017 we present the results of the European WATCHME-project (grant no 619349), in which the department of Educational Development and Research and Mateum are  partners.  In this project an electronic portfolio (EPASS) was extended with a module based on learning analytics in order to provide students with more personalized and adaptive feedback.

We cordially invite you to the following program:

12.00-13.00:         Lunch meeting

  • Presentation of the context and results of the project.
  • Explanation of the developed student model to provide feedback.

13.15-15.45:         Two parallel workshops:

Workshop 1: How to develop a student model? During this hands-on session you learn how to develop a student model from a Multi-Entity Bayesian Network / PrOWL-2. This session is directed towards educational software developers, knowledge engineers and programmers. Enclosed you find a short description of this workshop

Workshop 2: What is the potential added-value of feedback based on a studentmodel in EPASS? During this session we will brainstorm with educational experts and users of electronic portfolio’s about the possibilities and requirements of learning analytics in an e-portfolio.

15.45-16.30:          Reception



Maastricht University
Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences
Universiteitssingel 60
Room 04.22 (docprof)
6229 ER Maastricht
The Netherlands

Registration is free.
For logistic reasons we would like you to register before January 30 2017. (Go to registration)