On February 7 2017 Jeroen Donkers (Maastricht University), Denise Janssen (Mateum) and Geraldine Clarebout (Maastricth University) held a lunch meeting at Maastricht University to present the results of the WATCHME project. We had a diverse public of researchers, educational advisers, teachers and program directors (around 55 people in total), mainly from Maastricht, but also people from other places in the Netherlands and Belgium joined in. Positive reactions were given to the developments that were done in the WATCHME project and some interesting questions were raised, such as whether the system is also applicable outside workplace education. We continued the session with two workshops. In the first one, led by Jeroen, participants learned to make a student model. In the second one, led by Denise and Geraldine from Maastricht University, a brainstorm was held on the benefits of learning analytics. We closed the day with a reception and further discussion. In short, an interesting and fruitful afternoon!

The presentations and the demonstration of the Learning Analytics were videotaped and are made available on the WATCHME website (http://www.project-watchme.eu/demonstrations/).