Congratulations to Olle ten Cate for receiving the John P. Hubbard Award

Olle ten Cate received the John P. Hubbard Award. The award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the pursuit of excellence in the field of evaluation in medicine. In presenting the award, Dr. McMahon stated: "In recognition of outstanding contributions to evaluation in medicine, I am pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2017 Hubbard Award is Olle ten Cate, PhD. In selecting Dr. ten Cate as the recommended award recipient, the Hubbard Award Committee noted his significant, innovative, and sustained contributions to assessment in medical education, advancing the field for over 35 years. Among his many achievements, the Hubbard Award Committee members noted in particular his groundbreaking work in the conceptualization and design of entrustable professional activities (EPAs), as well as his work in competency assessment, multisource feedback, workplace-based assessment, publications and mentorship of doctoral students. Quoting his letter of nomination, Dr. ten Cate’s is ‘a pioneer who has advanced assessment in medical education.'" Read more On May the 1st Olle gave the sum of 10.000 euro that came with the John P. Hubbard Award to She Decides an  initiative of Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, launched on 24 January 2017.  

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Masterclass Learning Analytics for PhD students

On April 11th 2017 Marieke van der Schaaf and Bert Slof provided a Masterclass Learning Analytics. Ten PhD students followed the Masterclass as part of their educational program at the Interuniversity Centre for Educational Sciences ( During the Masterclass we discussed topics as; (potential) advantages for educational settings, ethics, designing and implementing LA-based tools and environments and suggestions for new tools/environments and research. The WatchMe project was used as an example to show how (EPA’s and Bayesian student models) the E-portfolio was developed and implemented, the dynamics between different stakeholders (e.g., educational partners, technical partners and teachers form the educational programs) and the research design and methods that were used to study the effects of using an LA-enhanced E-portfolio.

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Vivid presentations led to interesting conversations.

During 3 presentations a diverse group from different universities and faculties of Finnish university's the WATCHME project was presented and evaluated with constructive suggestions for the future and invitations to try it using the opensource software we offer on After the presentations the public had interesting questions and it lead to a vivid group conversation.

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Project WATCHME evaluated positive by the EU project officer and review committee.

Monday February the 27th 2017, the project officer and review committee gathered for the last time to evaluate EU Project WATCHME. The project got a positive final review and all deliverables are accepted. Congratulations to all members of the WATCHME Consortium for this achievement.

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Lunch meeting and two parallel workshops

On February 7 2017 Jeroen Donkers (Maastricht University), Denise Janssen (Mateum) and Geraldine Clarebout (Maastricth University) held a lunch meeting at Maastricht University to present the results of the WATCHME project. We had a diverse public of researchers, educational advisers, teachers and program directors (around 55 people in total), mainly from Maastricht, but also people from other places in the Netherlands and Belgium joined in. Positive reactions were given to the developments that were done in the WATCHME project and some interesting questions were raised, such as whether the system is also applicable outside workplace education. We continued the session with two workshops. In the first one, led by Jeroen, participants learned to make a student model. In the second one, led by Denise and Geraldine from Maastricht University, a brainstorm was held on the benefits of learning analytics. We closed the day with a reception and further discussion. In short, an interesting and fruitful afternoon! The presentations and the demonstration of the Learning Analytics were videotaped and are made available on the WATCHME website (

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Medical Education Department from Polen interested to use E-PASS WATCHME

On December 16th 2016 Maastricht University had the visit of four members from the department of Medical Education, Jagiellonian University Medical College of Krakow (Poland). Two nurses and two doctors involved in education, were interested in the WATCHME project. The EPASS-system was presented with a focus on the visualization and the just-in-time feedback module by Geraldine Clarebout. Jeroen Donkers provided more insight into the pedagogical student model. The immediate benefits for their education of the e-portfolio and the added value of the student model was immediately clear. Challenges that were addressed are how the student should be ‘modeled’ in their situations.

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WATCHME formative evaluation results introduced during the International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching

Äli Leijen, Pihel Hunt and Liina Malva from the University of Tartu participated on the 4th and 5th of December in the University of Haifa, Israel in the ISATT (International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching) Regional Conference: Promising Pedagogies in International Teacher Education. The conference focused on presenting international research on pedagogies of teacher selection, reflection, narrative ways of knowing, identity, mentoring, teacher leadership, diversity, parents and family, social justice and technology. Altogether 36 teacher education researchers presented studies on how studied pedagogies work in practice in different conditions; and how these might be transferable to other action settings elsewhere in the world. The conference aimed at increasing knowledge exchange and mobilization by unearthing the conditions underlying successful borrowing and seeding of pedagogies. Pihel Hunt introduced the WATCHME results from the formative evaluation of the visualisation and the automated feedback module in Tartu context. More information:

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Jeroen Donkers of Maastricht University provided workshop about developing student models in the Gala conference

Jeroen Donkers of Maastricht University provided a halfday workshop about developing student models in the Games And Learning Alliance (GALA) conference:  The audience included ten scientists and directors of technical and educational institutes from several countries in Europe (e.g. Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Swiss, The Netherlands) and China . After an introduction of the WatchMe project he explained the development of student models with Multi Entity Bayesian Networks (MEBNs). Next, there was a demo on the student models as used in the WatchMe project.  The participant discussed student models, regarding domain, learning environment, goal of the model, variables and mechanisms involved. Then, Jeroen held a demo of building a student model and the participants practices in building models themselves. The workshop was round-off with a final discussion regarding student models.

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Öredev Conference

Öredev is a conference for IT and software professionals held annually in Malmø, Sweden, - 8-11 November 2016 . The conference was founded by Jayway and now operates as an independent organisation. In 2016, the theme of the conference was: Computer Power. The interaction between society and technology has generated revolutionary inventions! Our early ancestors created rock painting tools to send messages that last 10000 years, and with today's technology we can send 140 character tweets and snappy chats that disappear within hours. Even if most of us are developing banking systems, shopping carts, the next Facebook or Uber, we developers play a role in changing the world, digitizing it bit by bit. The software we write affects not just personal lives, but also economic and political institutions worldwide, in both industrialized and developing countries. In the hands of reformers and activists, even a single individual can create the tools that turns it all around, and overcome the powers of society. They can give voice to passive resistance and non-violence. They - we - have the power. The power to give the power to the people. (from Öredev website) For the duration of the conference, Jayway had a booth in the main area of the conference hall, where Jayway projects and technology were showcased. A presentation about the WATCHME project was shown on a screen in the booth and Jayway staff spoke to visitors about the experiences and learnings from the WATCHME project.  

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NVMO conference

Thursday the 17th of November , the NVMO conference took place in Egmond aan Zee – Netherlands. This conference was attended by  medical teachers, education specialists and policymakers, about 900 peoples in total. This conference contributes in the discussion on research results, evaluations and developments according to medical education and training. On behalf of WATCHME Indra Posthumus did a poster presentation. Jeroen Donkers, Annemarie Camp,Chantal Duijn, Marco Tiemann, Pihel Hunt, Äli Leijen did a Poster presentation too and Mateum was there with a booth.

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POLICIES for Using Big DATA to Catalyze the Design of Effective Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at Scale.

The aim of the policy workshop was to raise awareness on the potential of analysis of data produced by learning technologies to catalyze the effective design of adaptive teaching, learning and assessment at scale. Our aim is to bring together quadruple helix representatives interested in exploring the state-of-the-art of learning analytics, as well as to be informed about opportunities and barriers for adoption. On behalf of project WATCHME Geraldine Clarebout and Marieke van der Schaaf were at the Pelars Conference: POLICIES for Using Big DATA to Catalyze the Design of Effective Teaching, Learning, and Assessment at Scale. This event took place on the 9th of November in Brussels. In the morning they gave a presentation about the project and in the afternoon a demonstration of the WATCHME E-portfolio system. In between the attending Policy-makers, government representatives, researchers, innovators and other interested stakeholders, could approach them for policy recommendations. Through live streaming this event was shared for the public. .

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Feedback with E-assessment, in E-portfolios

On November 8 Marieke van der Schaaf presented a Keynote at a conference about Technology Enhanced Assessment at Fontys University in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The subject of the presentation regarded starting professionals, like teachers and doctors, who learn a lot from feedback and assessment on the job. Crucial questions for their supervisors are: (1) to which extend is the (starting) professional capable to perform tasks with or without supervision? (2) How can I provide quality feedback and assessment in an efficient manner? E-assessment enhanced with learning analytics offer opportunities to provide in these demands. The aim of the keynote was to demonstrate how (starting) professionals can learn and improve their skills, to demonstrate how the project WATCHME indicates feedback and assessment by means of an e-portfolio enhanced with learning analytics.

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