Release Newsflashes July 2015

Today the third newsletter of Project WATCHME is published and send to the subscribers. Whish to subscribe to? use the form[wysija_form id="1"]

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Dr. Bert Slof presented on behalf of the Project Watch Me at the ORD conference 2015

The presentation was about the development of the e- pass environment, not its general development, but in particular for the Teacher Education. The ORD conference stands for the Dutch a Flemish Educational Research Days, because of that the presentation was held in Dutch, click here for the powerpointpresentation PhD student at University Leiden, Jolien Mouw, wrote a review (Dutch) about Bert's presentation, which is now published in Journal Didactief (Dutch)  

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LACE LAW manifesto, inspiring results latest LACE meeting in Brussels

On 15th April 2015 the LACE Initiative, a European Commission Support Action for the promotion of Learning Analytics, invited its members and associate partners into a Workshop event with the support of the European Parliament to discuss and propose possible EU Public Policies guidelines and best practices for fostering Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics. During that Workshop on the 15th of April, dr. Marieke van der Schaaf presented Project Watch Me the overview of the project. Look up this presentation HERE As a result of this meeting the initiative to write a LACE LAW ManifeSTo was established. The ManifeSTo is now published

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1st Periodic General Assembly Meeting

Our  1st Periodic General Assembly Meeting was held in Luxembourg, April the 23th and we look back on a meeting with a strong synergy as a team and excellent collaboration. It was great to exchange and discuss in detail during the GA meeting. The whole meeting went well. The strong presentations of the well-prepared WP-leaders were very inspiring. We are looking forward to our coming meetings with all participants.

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Kick off Workpackage 6

The Kickoff of Workpackage 6 in Amsterdam was focused and full of energy and collaboration. Points of discussion were:  implementation of the Epass portfolio in all testbeds, development of visualisation tools, development of domain models and student models, research design for formative and summative evaluation.

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Dissertation “Competency-oriented veterinary study programme”

[gview file=""] The Master’s programme at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine aims to prepare students as optimally as possible for their future profession. The education provided during this phase is mainly composed of clinical postgraduate medical training. This training is organised in a clinical setting where students can gradually perform tasks relevant to the profession under the supervision of lecturers. Doctoral Candidate Harold Bok has studied the relationship between teaching and evaluating students in this clinical workplace. More insight into this relationship may contribute to the optimisation of veterinary education. In order to ensure a smooth transition from the veterinary study programme and professional practice, it is vital that the faculty has a better understanding of the skills and knowledge required of recent veterinary graduates at the moment they start their professional practice. Bok’s research has resulted in a competency profile for the veterinary professional. The competency domains described in this profile will in turn serve as the guiding principles for the Veterinary Medicine Master’s programme. In a competency-oriented study programme, it is vital that the student’s learning ability  receives the optimal support. Moreover, sufficient relevant information must be collected in order to come to a reliable and valid assessment of the student’s competency development. Bok has studied the implementation of a theoretical educational model that aims to serve both goals. In such a programme, the quality of the feedback given and received plays a crucial role. The study showed that a number of aspects can influence the quality of this feedback, and these aspects are described in greater detail in the various studies.  

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Read about Project WatchMe in the Netrom Newsletter

In the Netrom newsletter our project has a beautiful article. Please check the menu of the site to choose the language you prefer!

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Workshops WP2 and WP3 were very creative and inspiring

Working on the landscape poster and flyer poster was unifying. Many thanks to Mads Troest and Frederik Nannestad of Jayway, who both did an excellent job on offering and guiding us through the workshops.

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Kickoff Meeting 21 and 22 of March 2014

We are looking back to an inspiring Kick-off meeting and appreciate all inputs, expertise and efforts delivered. It was a real kick-off, thanks to all!

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Pre-meeting of Workpackage 2

A good meeting, the participants are looking forward to their collaboration.

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Meet our participants

Project Watch Me, some images from one of our participants in the UMCU and from Veterinary Medicine

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