Partner  Holzhausen, Ylva, 18th June 2015 Karsruhe, Germany, INTUITEL Aims of collaboration : Exchange of ideas at the final INTUITEL INPUT: conference WatchMe presentation

Partner: Denise Janssen, Martijn Holthuijsen 18th December 2015 LACE Aims of collaboration Aims of collaboration  Informing policy makers Presentation at LACE policy event, contributing to joint publication  OUTPUT: EPASS was added to LACE evidence hub

Partner: Thiemert, Daniel 18th June 2015 Karsruhe, Germany INTUITEL Aims of collaboration: Contribution to INTUITEL final conference,  Discussion on how WATCHME might complement work of INTUITEL INPUT: WatchMe presentation, active contribution to discussions

Partner:  Suzanne Schut (UM) 31th July 2015  LACE, Lea’s Box  Aims of collaboration  Exchange and formulating common themes at the 1st European Learning Analytics Summer Camp, Prague. Input: WatchMe presentation, contribution to discussions, contribution to joint discussions. OUTPUT: Started working on a joint publication with Lea’s box and LACE. To be continued.

Partner:  Marieke van der Schaaf November 2015  LACE  Aims of collaboration:   WatchMe, input to tex  OUTPUT:In progress

Partner:  Marieke van der Schaaf, Denise Janssen 15th April 2015, LACE  Aims of collaboration Informing policy makers INPUT: Presentation at LACE policy event, contributing to joint publication OUTPUT: Joint publication: LACE Law Manifesto