Donkers J Learn how to construct student models for personalized feedback using MEBN/Pr-OWL2 (lessons from the WATCHME project) Gala conference; 5-7 Dec 2016: Tutorial
Proposal for a tutorial at the GALA 2016 conference  HANDS-ON Building a Studentmodel using MEBN/PrOWL2  THE WATCHME STUDENT MODEL  MeBNs

Donkers J, Clarebout G & Townsend D Presentation on the Learning Analytics devleopd in the Watchme Project University of Maastricht; Maastricht, Netherlands; 6 Oct 2016.

Holthuijsen M & Donkers J Presentation providing background information WATCHME project and demonstration EPASS Meeting taskforce ‘Assessment’, EDLAB – The Maastricht University Institute for Education Innovation; Maastricht, Netherlands; 18 May 2016: Short presentation.

Janssen D, Holthuijsen M, Clarebout G, Donkers J, Slof B & Van der Schaaf M Learning Analytics enhanced E-portfolios for Workplace Based Assessment EARLI SIG 1 “Assessment and Evaluation”; Munich, Germany; 24-26: Demonstration/Workshop.

Leijen Ä, Hunt P & Malva L A joint seminar between the different stakeholders in developing the teacher education competence center Nelijärve, Estonia; 19-20 Oct 2016: Seminar.

Van der Schaaf, M E-assessment of and for learning at the Workplace; the potential of Learning Analytics Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference of Fontys University, Tilburg, The Netherlands; 8 Nov 2016: Keynote.

Van der Schaaf M & Clarebout G EC-Tel confer ence 16 Sep 2016: Workshop.
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