As an EU project the consortium is obliged to deliver the progress of the project in a visible way, e.g. as reports, prototypes, reviews, models or modules, or others. Some of those deliverables are restricted to the consortium due to confidential reasons, others are available for the interested public. Please find the list of the public deliverables below. They will be published in the run of the project between 2014 and 2017, as soon as they are accepted by the consortium and the EU.

D2.1 – Tool for matrix mapping of workplace-based curricula with EPA and competencies
D2.3: Framework of natural markers of professional development (M26)
D2.4: Literature review on workplace-based markers
D2.4: Literature review on workplace-based markers – update 

D3.1: Requirements document
D3.2: Architecture design document
D3.3: Description of assessment tools
D3.6: Report on integration of its testing (32)
D3.7: Report on configuration and its testing (32)
D3.8: Report on helpdesk and maintenance (32)

D4.1: Report on selection of tools and techniques
D4.2: Student model module specification
D4.4: Student model module prototype, final version (M32)

D5.1: Description of integration of systems and components
D5.2: JIT module report prototype
D5.3: JIT module (prototype) (M32)
D5.4: VIZ module report prototype
D5.5: VIZ module (prototype) (M32)

D6.2: Report on the deployment and formative evaluation of JIT feedback module
D6.3: Report on the deployment and formative evaluation of visualization tools (M36)
D6.4: Summative evaluation report on LA system and recommendations for student learning at workplace learning settings (M36)

D7.1: Start-up WATCHME dissemination campaign
D7.2: Dissemination and exploitation plan
D7.3: Annual update on dissemination and exploitation plan and results
D7.4: Sustainability plan and materials (M36)