1. To set up a project-wide infrastructure for effective, continuous and widely dissemination of the project objectives, progress and results.
2. To monitor, select and compile activities, results and progress of the project for coherent and targeted dissemination and exploitation in close cooperation with project management of Work Package 1.
3. To ensure a harmonized dissemination and exploitation strategy for both the whole project and the individual work packages.
4. To establish and maintain external projects communication routes for the relevant target groups ranging from users to scientific and industry communities.
5. To foster, synchronise and monitor exploitation of projects results within the Consortium and with external Partners and users.


Description of work: This Work Package aims to widely disseminate and exploit the results of WATCHME in a sustainable, feasible and tailored way for the identified relevant target groups: users (medical schools, schools for veterinary education and institutes for teacher education), scientific community, industry and work practice. It sets out how information and insights concerning LA-driven workplace-based-based assessment with an ePortfolio in the project will be spread. A dissemination and exploitation plan will be drafted early in the project (M6) and annuallyupdated in conjunction with the publication of the dissemination results and the user feedback. All Partners are involved in this WP.

Task 7.1 Dissemination plan and program: A WATCHME website will setup at the beginning of the project and launch a start-up information campaign on the WATCHME project and its objectives. The website will provide detailed information on the project objectives, working plan and packages and Consortium Partners involved. Public dissemination will be fostered by online tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube videos, by way of leaflets and posters on exhibitions and conferences and information material send out by email lists of relevant target groups. For continuous dissemination on WATCHME results and projects, the WATCHME website and online materials will be updated continuously and 6-monthly newsletters will be sent out to an array of subscribers representing contacts from Consortium Partners and those from conferences, trade shows and social media. The website will serve as the main route for dissemination to the public and provide up-to-date information on project progress, research news and other dissemination materials. In addition, the website will also serve the purpose of providing a space for clustering activities, collecting information on related projects and exchange results and developments. Key to the continuous WATCHME dissemination plan and strategy are presentations in scientific communities, i.e. in national and international conferences at a scientific level such as Earli, Earli Sigs, AERA, ORD, AMEE, Ottawa conference, ICRE or NVMO and participation in industrial tradeshows and fairs such as TechWorld, SIG DOC, LEARNTEC, Ec Tel or I-Know. The presentations will be carried out jointly by academic, research and industry Partners. This task will be carried out during the whole project (M1-M36).

Task 7.2 Exploitation plan and program: Exploitation will be based on user requirements, the technological objectives, goals and developments of the WATCHME project, as well as the business cases and objectives of the Partners in the WATCHME project. An exploitation plan will be developed that synergises the exploitation plans for Partner-level exploitation as well as a plan for exploitation the results of the project as a whole. The key to the exploitation plan will be the scientific and technological outputs of Work package 6 – implementation and evaluation which brings the developed ICT-based feedback and assessment tools into practice. The exploitation plan enables end users to try out and test the developed technological applications within their workplace-base according to the three main development cycles: i) Just-in-Time feedback at the work-place with ePortfolios on mobile devices, ii) integration of visualization tools, and iii) summative evaluation in a quasi-experimental design. The project applications will be integrated and made accessible by community platforms as developed in Work Package 3. The continuous WATCHME exploitation plan and strategy will be closely linked to the dissemination program (7.1.) with a key emphasis on industry dissemination and exploitation in tradeshows and fairs. A series of workshops with at least one per year and in conjunction with major conferences will be set up to allow hands-on training with the projects outputs. Links to other EC/STREP 8.2.and projects such as EU Mirror (Reflective Learning at Work) and ImReal (Immersive Reflective Experienced-based Adaptive Learning) will be established in order to create mutual benefits by exchanging intermediate results and developed products for further improvement. The goal is to gather feedback about the use and deployment potential of the WATCHME applications by external stakeholders and to transfer this feedback into the methodological and technological further development of the project. The exploitation plan will inform the evaluation phase as to on which aspects to concentrate. This task will be carried out during M6-M36.

Task 7.3 Sustainability plan and materials: A summary of the project results and experiences will be yielded in an online WATCHME manual including online available tools and training videos. This will be available online through the WATCHME website. The manual will contain key information on pedagogical strategies, technical implementation, user evaluations, exploitations routes and scientific publications. The latter will be the main stay for scientific dissemination and targeted for high ranking educational journals. The website will also include detailed information on future technical dissemination and exploitation activities that follow the WATCHME project phase. This task will be carried out from M30-M36.