Äli Leijen, Pihel Hunt and Liina Malva (University of Tartu) introduced the WatchMe project at a seminar “Are You a Classical or a Future Person?” on the 19th–20th of October in Nelijärve, Estonia. The seminar drew together a broad spectrum of stakeholders of teacher education – e.g. researchers, practicians, public servants. Äli Leijen gave an overview of the WATCHME project with a special focus on the development of the assessment matrix. Pihel Hunt introduced the EPASS system, just-in-time feedback module and visualization module. And finally, Liina Malva demonstrated the process of asking feedback in the EPASS system. More information: http://www.pedagogicum.ut.ee/et/uudised/oled-klassik-voi-tulevikuinimene.